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Need Social Security Disability Help?

Don’t try to win Social Security Disability benefits on your own. It’s a complicated process and means worrying about deadlines, gathering evidence and dealing with the government.

With over 35 years of experience in Social Security Disability, Gary Sells has the ability to give you the best chance to win benefits. Gary’s wife, Marcia Finkelstein, has been an attorney for more than 36 years. Many of these years involve representing workers in occupational-related illnesses.

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Was Your Claim for Disability Benefits Denied?

Don’t give up! The majority of people who apply are denied at the initial level. Gary Sells can help prepare your appeal and work to turn your denial into an approval. Gary, Marcia, and their staff know the ins and outs of the Social Security Administration. If you’ve received a denial letter, you only have 60 days to appeal. So call Gary right away!

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The Attention You Deserve

Some attorneys or representatives won’t meet with you before your hearing. But Gary, Marcia, and their staff will meet with you face-to-face before the day of your hearing.

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