Social Security Disability for Rheumatoid Arthritis in New Orleans

Restoring Dignity and Respect to Your Life

You’re physically unable to perform the tasks you used to do in your job because your rheumatoid arthritis has gotten worse. You’re out of work, out of a regular income—and scared.

Don’t lose hope.

Social Security Disability benefits can provide monthly income and Medicare health coverage to get you through this difficult time. With its terrible pain, rheumatoid arthritis is the kind of debilitating condition that can qualify you for benefits.

Winning benefits, however, isn’t easy. It’s a complicated process of dealing with the government, gathering evidence and keeping up with deadlines.

With rheumatoid arthritis, you have to show specific symptoms to prove your claim.

If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. If you live in Gretna, New Orleans, Metairie, Marrero, Houma, or anywhere in the New Orleans area, disability advocate Gary Sells can do it for you.

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How to Qualify for Disability with Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Social Security Administration (SSA) specifically lists rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack its own tissues, in its “blue book” of qualifying disabilities.

When you’re trying to win benefits for rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll need to show symptoms like these:

  • Difficulty walking due to leg inflammation
  • Limited use of your arms because of inflammation
  • Severe joint pain along with inflammation in at least two organs or body systems
  • Severe fatigue, fever or malaise
  • Involuntary weight loss
  • Spine stiffening, limiting your range of motion
  • A record of how your symptoms recur over and over again

You don’t always have to match these exact symptoms. The bottom line on any disability application is showing that your particular health problems are stopping you from working. You need to demonstrate limits in the amount of physical exertion you can handle on your job.

Your medical evidence is always the center of your disability claim. Evidence includes records of your doctor visits, test results, treatment plans and medications. Because of this, it’s important to receive regular medical treatment.

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Social Security’s Definition of Disability

Social Security has a very specific, strict definition of what it means to have a disability.

To win disability benefits, you have to prove you meet this definition:

  • You have severe health problems that stop you from working.
  • Your health problems also prevent you from switching to new work.
  • Your medical conditions will last at least a year, or lead to death.

In additional to the all-important medical records, you’ll need to provide work history and educational records, so Social Security can determine how your bad health impacts the kind of work you can do.

Get Dignity and Respect for Your Disability Claim

One of the most important steps for many disability claims is testifying for a Social Security administrative law judge. A hearing with a judge happens after you’ve been denied benefits, which is extremely common, and you’re appealing the decision.

Many disability representatives or attorneys won’t even meet with you in person to help you prepare before your hearing. That’s not how Gary Sells and his team of disability advocates operate. We help you face-to-face.

We know this is one of the hardest times in your life, and we believe in giving personal attention to you and your case.

If you have severe rheumatoid arthritis or any condition that forces you off work, let us stand up for you.

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