How to Qualify for Thyroid Disorders Disability Benefits in New Orleans, LA

The Support You Deserve In a Tough Time

Living with a thyroid disorder can be painfully unpredictable.

When your thyroid gland doesn’t work like it should, your whole body is affected. Fatigue, severe weight fluctuation, and even heart issues can begin to dominate your life.

It’s gotten bad enough to where you can’t work. You need Social Security Disability benefits, which can provide crucial financial stability when your health takes away your ability to provide for you and your family.

Winning benefits can be hard, however. Many first-time applicants are denied.

If you’re in the Greater New Orleans area, Gary Sells can make sure you have the best chance at winning the benefits you deserve. He and his experienced staff can help you navigate a system that often leaves outsiders feeling hopeless and confused.

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Common Symptoms We See Qualify for Social Security Disability with Thyroid Disorders

Social Security doesn’t have a specific listing for thyroid disorders. The symptoms are classified in various ways, but in order to win, you must meet Social Security’s definition of disabled:

    • Your thyroid issue makes working impossible.
    • You’re unable to switch to a new line of work.
    • You’ll be out of work for at least a year.

Typically, thyroid disorders are separated into two separate categories:

  • Hypothyroidism, or when your thyroid gland isn’t as active as it should be
  • Hyperthyroidism, or when your thyroid gland is overactive.

And here are some common symptoms we see that qualify with thyroid issues:

  • Severe fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Drastic weight loss or gain
  • Irritability
  • Heart palpitations

Even if your symptoms aren’t on that list, you can still qualify.

Gary Sells and his staff can answer any questions you have. They’ll even evaluate your case at no cost to you.

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The Evidence You Need to Prove Your Thyroid Disability

You can’t just tell Social Security you need disability benefits for a thyroid disorder. You’ll have to prove it, using a convincing and thorough mix of evidence in your application.

You’ll need to include things like:

  • Doctor’s reports
  • Hospital records
  • Treatment details and results
  • Supporting testimonials from coworkers, family, and friends

Even if you have all the evidence you need, if it isn’t presented correctly, Social Security could issue a denial.

Remember—most people are denied on their initial application. So if you’ve been turned away, you’re not alone.

The good news? You have multiple chances to win your benefits on appeal. In fact, a Government Accountability Office study found that you’re three times as likely to win at an appeals hearing if you hire representation.

So don’t take a chance when it comes to your future. Get someone like Gary Sells on your side.

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