How Long Does it Take To Get Social Security Disability in New Orleans?

You’re not working because of bad health. You’re up against heavy financial and emotional burdens.

Monthly checks from Social Security Disability could be the key to maintaining your independence.

But sometimes you have to wait months — or longer — to get approved for benefits, making a hard situation even harder.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Gary Sells and his team of disability advocates help you through the process, so you get the benefits you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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How Long Could I Wait?

  • For an initial application: About 4 months.
  • For an appeal: Up to 9 months or more.

Most applicants for disability benefits get denied when they first apply. That means you shouldn’t let a denial stop you. You should appeal.

When people reach a hearing with a Social Security judge as part of their appeals, they win benefits about 45% of the time, according to 2017 statistics from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

But the appeals process can add a lot of time to your wait.

Gary Sells has helped thousands of people in New Orleans, Metairie, Gretna and across the metropolitan area win disability benefits. He has more than 35 years of experience helping people during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

It costs you nothing for us to study your situation and tell you your options.

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How Long Will I Wait for a Hearing?

Testifying in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is your only chance to explain face-to-face with a decision-maker at Social Security — not just on paper — why you need disability benefits.

It might be the most important moment in your case.

But you have to wait to get there.

Numbers from Social Security in late 2017 showed the average wait for a hearing in New Orleans was 15 months. It was 14.5 months across Louisiana and 18.3 months in Mississippi.

How Can I Avoid Delays?

You can move your case along as quickly as possible if you follow these steps:

  • Apply as soon as you know you can’t work.
  • Fill out your initial application carefully. Mistakes can cause delays later.
  • If you’re denied, don’t miss the 60-day deadline to appeal.
  • When you’re getting an advocate to represent you in a hearing, the SSA itself suggests you start working with them “as early as possible.”
  • Submit new or updated medical evidence before your hearing.
  • Never cancel a hearing if you can avoid it at all.
  • Notify the SSA immediately of any change in your address.

Can I Speed Up My Case?

If you have extremely severe health problems, or certain special circumstances outlined by Social Security, you could be eligible for a faster process:

  • Quick Disability Determination –– If you have a common, easy-to-see disability, you could get approved quickly under this program that uses computers to identify clear-cut cases.
  • Compassionate Allowances –– If you have cancer or another obviously serious disease, a “compassionate allowance” could speed up your approval.
  • Terminal Illness — Social Security gives you special, timely consideration when doctors determine your disease is untreatable, irreversible and expected to lead to death.
  • Dire Need –– Social Security could move your case up in the line if your financial situation is so dire that you’ll soon start going without food, shelter or crucial medicines.
  • Veterans 100 Percent — If you’re a military veteran with a determination of 100% disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security could expedite your claim.
  • Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior — If you’re a military veterans who sustained your injury or impairment on active duty on Oct. 1, 2001, or later, Social Security could move up your case.

Get Your Application Moving

This isn’t just about money. It’s about your dignity. Disability benefits can provide great financial and emotional relief.

Don’t take any chances applying for benefits. Get an experienced professional for your claim. Social Security’s own numbers have shown you’re more likely to win benefits with a representative.

Gary Sells and his team care about you personally. They can put your application on the right — and fastest possible — path to success.

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