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Learn How to Read a Social Security Disability (SSD) Denial Letter in New Orleans

You received a letter from Social Security denying your claim for disability benefits. You’re shocked. You were sure you had a strong case, and anybody could see you need disability income.

Now you don’t know how you’ll get by.

But there’s hope. You can appeal . You still can win. And you can get the disability payments and Medicare health coverage you need to maintain independence and dignity in your life.

For help winning disability benefits, contact us today!

Key Information in Your Social Security Disability Denial Letter

A Social Security Disability denial letter will give you a decision and a date for the decision.

These are the two reasons Social Security most often gives for denying an initial disability application:

    1. Your medical conditions aren’t severe enough to keep you from working.
    2. Your medical conditions are severe enough to keep you from continuing in your past work, but there are other types of work you could do in the economy.

The date on the letter has special importance. The date starts the clock ticking on your appeal period.

You have 60 days to file an appeal from the time you receive the letter.

If you miss that deadline, you could have to start your application over from the beginning, which will cause a huge delay in getting your benefits.

How Your Denial Letter Reveals Information You Need to Appeal

Your denial letter lists reports, usually medical reports, which Social Security used to make its decision.

Look closely at this list.

Pay attention to what’s on the list, but also to what’s missing.

Social Security sometimes misses medical evidence or other reports supporting your claim.

Either something went wrong in the process and they didn’t receive all of your evidence, or they failed to include everything in their decision.

Seeing what’s missing could give you the beginning of what you need for your appeal. When you appeal, you can point out the evidence that Social Security overlooked.

Get Professional Help with Your Social Security Disability Appeal

When you received a denial letter and you need to appeal for Social Security Disability benefits, you’ve reached a point in the process where you should get a professional representative to help you.

The appeals process is much more complicated than your initial application.

Disability advocate Gary Sells and his team have helped thousands of people in the New Orleans area get through this process.

In most states, your next step is to ask Social Security to reconsider the decision. In Louisiana, however, you skip that step and go straight to asking for a hearing with a judge. Gary Sells and his team know how to handle this.

We’ll evaluate your case for FREE. We don’t charge a fee until you win benefits.

And even then, our fee comes out of the back benefits Social Security awards for the time you spent waiting for a favorable decision. The fee doesn’t come out of your payments going forward.

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