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“This is a note of extreme appreciation of your expert representation for my SSI/SSDI case. I thank you and your coworkers for great service. You made it easy to get me what I deserve and need to live. Your people were great. Heartfelt THANKS!”

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When You’re Applying for Disability Income, We Help You Win

How to Apply and Receive Monthly Checks from Social Security

Your health has gotten worse, and you know you can’t work. It seems like it should be easy to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, but it isn’t.

It’s time to call an advocate who’s helped thousands of people in the New Orleans area win benefits—Gary Sells.

The system treats you like a number, but Gary Sells gives you the personal attention you deserve during this difficult time in your life. He’s been helping people who need financial assistance in hard times for more than three decades.

When you’re applying for disability benefits, you have to prove you can’t work in any job and that your condition will last at least a year. Most people get denied.

Gary makes sure you have the best shot at winning benefits. A recent government report found that people who brought advocates to their disability hearings were almost three times more likely to win benefits.

Our team of disability advocates wants to see you get monthly checks and qualify for health coverage so you can reclaim your life. We help people in Gretna, Marrero, the entire West Bank, Metairie, all of Jefferson Parish and anywhere in the New Orleans area.

As Gary says, “Social Security Disability is all I do.”

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5 Tips for Your Benefits Application

An experienced advocate can help you successfully apply for Social Security Disability. Follow these tips:

  1. Get ongoing medical care. Test results and reports from your doctors form the core of your benefits application. To collect that evidence, you need to receive regular medical treatment.
  2. Be careful about working. It’s understandable if you feel like you need to work a little to survive while waiting for benefits, but if you earn too much, it could disqualify you.
  3. Explain the demands of your job. To meet the requirements for benefits, be specific about the strenuous tasks that you can’t do any more.
  4. Address alcohol or substance abuse issues. Disability judges don’t like to see that you’re abusing drugs or alcohol. If you had a problem but quit, provide records from your rehabilitation program.
  5. Work with an advocate who can make sure your application is complete, correct, timely and supported by strong evidence.

We don’t charge anything to analyze your case and tell you your options.

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